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Feedback on Cyberrune


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Hi all,

Before going into this, I just want to bring forward that this is only meant as honest criticism for a tool I'm excited to see the future of, this isn't anything negative in that it cannot be fixed moving forward. It's also worth noting this was all done prior to a free trial, I had paid for a week 24 hours before the drop of free trials.

To add to this, I used to be a member of SRL (Villavu) as a script writer back in the day with various earned badges. So, I'm not entirely out of the loop in terms of how stuff like this can work.

Here are some factors I think should be improved via CyberRune:
  1. Charging $9.99 a week for a product which at a core very basic, there is no anti-ban, no afking, no account lobbying etc. I feel as if this early on, this price is a little too much for essentially a very limited auto-clicker.
  2. Additionally to missing very basic features, I'm surprised by the amount of disparity between the scripts and tutorials. This has already been addressed in a ticket but I'm sure the community feedback would be appreciated. Essentially, some tutorials which aren't very old have versions of Runescape which have settings different to the current available ones. As such, I believe setting up your client correctly can be confusing and will deter a lot of future users until this standardised.
  3. The scripts are very basic and whilst I believe I may be incorrect, it seems the mouse movements aren't human like at all? There's various elements to this I think would contribute well, mistakes, jittering with randomness between a range and the speed of the mouse per script run.
Other than the lack of scripts given the price tag of the bot, I honestly don't have any other issues. The support is pretty damn good, the community albeit small is there. I've seen suggestions taken into consideration, like tabs.


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Hey friend,

Thank you for honest feedback.
We really appreciate it :)

All the points you are talking about, are being worked on.
Well, your point towards to price is, to some degree correct.
That's prob. one of the reasons why we are introducing a free trail, after the trail, users can decide if they want to keep using the bot untill the client is futher developped :)